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  2. Jacksons
    Video clip Torture
  3. Pointer Sisters
    Video clip I'm So Excited
  4. Stephanie Mills
    Video clip The Medicine Song
  5. Chaka Khan
    Video clip I Feel For You
  6. Herbie Hancock
    Video clip Hardrock
  7. Newcleus
    Video clip Jam On It
  8. Jermaine Stewart
    Video clip The Word Is Out
  9. Moto Sano (Motoharu Sano)
    Video clip Complication Shakedown
  10. Iam Siam
    Video clip Talk To Me (I Can Hear You Now)
  11. Fixx
    Video clip Less Cities, More Moving People
  12. Wang Chung
    Video clip Don't Be My Enemy
  13. U2
    Video clip Pride (In The Name Of Love) (Slane Castle Version)
  14. Stevie Wonder
    Video clip I Just Called To Say I Love You
  15. Culture Club
    Video clip The War Song
  16. Sam Harris
    Video clip Sugar Don't Bite
  17. Bananarama
    Video clip The Wild Life
  18. Alicia Myers
    Video clip You Get The Best From Me (Say, Say, Say)
  19. Randy Hall
    Video clip I've Been Watching You (Jamie's Girl)
  20. Alfonso Ribeiro
    Video clip Dance Baby
  21. David Bowie
    Video clip Blue Jean
  22. Rick Springfield
    Video clip Bop 'Til You Drop
  23. Torch Song
    Video clip Don't Look Now
  24. Men Without Hats
    Video clip Where Do The Boys Go?
  25. Maria Vidal
    Video clip Body Rock
  26. Sheena Easton
    Video clip Strut
  27. Eddy Grant
    Video clip Boys In The Street
  28. Malcolm McLaren
    Video clip Madam Butterfly
  29. Rod Stewart
    Video clip Some Guys Have All The Luck
  30. Survivor
    Video clip I Can't Hold Back
  31. Jakata
    Video clip Hell Is On The Run
  32. Night Ranger
    Video clip When You Close Your Eyes
  33. John Cafferty And The Beaver Brown Band
    Video clip On The Dark Side
  34. Belfegore
    Video clip All That I Wanted
  35. Kiss
    Video clip Heaven's On Fire
  36. Quiet Riot
    Video clip Party All Night
  37. Sammy Hagar
    Video clip I Can't Drive 55
  38. Hanoi Rocks
    Video clip Up Around The Bend
  39. Van Halen
    Video clip Hot For Teacher
  40. Glenn Frey
    Video clip Smuggler's Blues
  41. Bad Manners
    Video clip My Girl Lollipop (My Boy Lollipop)
  42. Honeymoon Suite
    Video clip New Girl Now
  43. Champaign
    Video clip Off And On Love
  44. Matthew Wilder
    Video clip Bouncin' Off The Walls
  45. Alphaville
    Video clip Big In Japan
  46. Hall And Oates (Daryl Hall And John Oates)
    Video clip Out Of Touch
  47. New Edition
    Video clip Cool It Now
  48. Rebbie Jackson
    Video clip Centipede
  49. Dan Hartman
    Video clip We Are The Young
  50. Tracie (Tracie Young)
    Video clip Souls On Fire
  51. S.P.K. (SPK)
    Video clip Machine Age Voodoo (Junk Funk)
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Jacksons Video Clip(VOB) vob
Artist or Group: Jacksons
Video Clip: Torture
Download video
Pointer Sisters Video Clip(VOB) vob
Artist or Group: Pointer Sisters
Video Clip: I'm So Excited
Download video
Stephanie Mills Video Clip(VOB) vob
Artist or Group: Stephanie Mills
Video Clip: The Medicine Song
Download video
Chaka Khan Video Clip(VOB) vob
Artist or Group: Chaka Khan
Video Clip: I Feel For You
Download video
Herbie Hancock Video Clip(VOB) vob
Artist or Group: Herbie Hancock
Video Clip: Hardrock
Download video
Newcleus Video Clip(VOB) vob
Artist or Group: Newcleus
Video Clip: Jam On It
Download video
Jermaine Stewart Video Clip(VOB) vob
Artist or Group: Jermaine Stewart
Video Clip: The Word Is Out
Download video
Moto Sano (Motoharu Sano) Video Clip(VOB) vob
Artist or Group: Moto Sano (Motoharu Sano)
Video Clip: Complication Shakedown
Download video

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Jacksons video-clip - Torture, Pointer Sisters video-clip - I'm So Excited, Stephanie Mills video-clip - The Medicine Song, Chaka Khan video-clip - I Feel For You, Herbie Hancock video-clip - Hardrock, Newcleus video-clip - Jam On It, Jermaine Stewart video-clip - The Word Is Out, Moto Sano (Motoharu Sano) video-clip - Complication Shakedown
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