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  2. Nirvana
    Videoclip The Man Who Sold The World (From MTV Unplugged)
  3. Stone Roses
    Videoclip Love Spreads (UK Version)
  4. Bush
    Videoclip Everything Zen
  5. Flaming Lips
    Videoclip She Don't Use Jelly
  6. Ween
    Videoclip Voodoo Lady
  7. Luscious Jackson
    Videoclip Deep Shag
  8. Seven Day Diary
    Videoclip Out Of His Mind
  9. Cranes
    Videoclip Shining Road
  10. They Might Be Giants
    Videoclip Snail Shell
  11. Girls Against Boys
    Videoclip I Don't Got A Place
  12. Polvo
    Videoclip Tragic Carpet Ride
  13. Fossil
    Videoclip Moon
  14. Big Chief
    Videoclip Lion's Mouth
  15. Compulsion
    Videoclip Delivery
  16. Consolidated
    Videoclip Cutting
  17. Deus
    Videoclip Suds And Soda
  18. Oasis
    Videoclip Live Forever
  19. Hole
    Videoclip Violet
  20. Stone Roses
    Videoclip Love Spreads (US Version)
  21. The The
    Videoclip I Saw The Light
  22. Siouxsie And The Banshees
    Videoclip O Baby
  23. Liz Phair
    Videoclip Whip-Smart
  24. Morrissey
    Videoclip Boxers
  25. Adam Ant
    Videoclip Wonderful
  26. Belly
    Videoclip Now They'll Sleep
  27. Pj Harvey
    Videoclip Down By The Water
  28. Throwing Muses
    Videoclip Bright Yellow Gun
  29. Primitives
    Videoclip Crash (The '95 Mix)
  30. Transglobal Underground
    Videoclip Templehead
  31. Sunny Day Real Estate
    Videoclip In Circles
  32. Soul Coughing
    Videoclip Down To This
  33. Sebadoh
    Videoclip Rebound
  34. R.E.M.
    Videoclip Star 69
  35. Duran Duran
    Videoclip White Lines
  36. Better Than Ezra
    Videoclip Good
  37. Juliana Hatfield
    Videoclip Universal Heart-Beat
  38. Elastica
    Videoclip Connection
  39. Jeff Buckley
    Videoclip Last Goodbye
  40. Toad The Wet Sprocket
    Videoclip Fly From Heaven
  41. Grant Lee Buffalo
    Videoclip Honey Don't Think
  42. Butthole Surfers
    Videoclip The Hurdy Gurdy Man (Dumb And Dumber Version)
  43. Wax
    Videoclip California
  44. Beowulf
    Videoclip 2 Cents
  45. Polara
    Videoclip Source Of Light
  46. Love Battery
    Videoclip Fuzz Factory
  47. Phunk Junkeez
    Videoclip I Love It Loud
  48. Senser
    Videoclip Age Of Panic
  49. Snfu
    Videoclip Big Thumbs
  50. Bush
    Videoclip Little Things
  51. R.E.M.
    Videoclip Strange Currencies
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Nirvana videoclip vob
Artista: Nirvana
Título: The Man Who Sold The World (From MTV Unplugged)
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Stone Roses videoclip vob
Artista: Stone Roses
Título: Love Spreads (UK Version)
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Bush videoclip vob
Artista: Bush
Título: Everything Zen
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Flaming Lips videoclip vob
Artista: Flaming Lips
Título: She Don't Use Jelly
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Ween videoclip vob
Artista: Ween
Título: Voodoo Lady
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Luscious Jackson videoclip vob
Artista: Luscious Jackson
Título: Deep Shag
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Seven Day Diary videoclip vob
Artista: Seven Day Diary
Título: Out Of His Mind
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Cranes videoclip vob
Artista: Cranes
Título: Shining Road
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Nirvana video-clip - The Man Who Sold The World (From MTV Unplugged), Stone Roses video-clip - Love Spreads (UK Version), Bush video-clip - Everything Zen, Flaming Lips video-clip - She Don't Use Jelly, Ween video-clip - Voodoo Lady, Luscious Jackson video-clip - Deep Shag, Seven Day Diary video-clip - Out Of His Mind, Cranes video-clip - Shining Road
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